Civil Law

Civil law pertains to the legal system that deals with disputes between individuals or organizations as opposed to criminal law which deals with crimes. One aspect of civil law involves the preparation and filing of suits which typically requires the drafting of written statements and other documents. This process can include various types of documents such as complaints and pleadings all of which must be prepared in accordance with strict legal guidelines. These documents are typically used to initiate or respond to legal proceedings and must be filed with the appropriate court or administrative body. Civil cases can cover a wide range of issues from property disputes and contract disagreements to personal injury claims and employment disputes. A skilled civil law attorney can help clients navigate the complex legal system and achieve a favorable outcome in their civil case.
Services offered

Matters relating to specific performance of contract.

Matters relating to Writs.

Matters relating to Benami transactions.

Matters relating to Electricity Dispute. (connection/disconnection etc)

Matters relating to appeals.

Matters relating to Caveat Suits.

Matters relating to Summary Suits.

Matters relating to Public Nuisance.

Matters relating to Recovery.

Matters relating to Public Interest Litigation.

Matters relating to Exemption.

Matters relating to Redemption.

Matters Against Government.

Matters relating to enforcement of a public right.

Matters relating to Declaration of Rights/ Title Suit.

Other Miscellaneous Suit.

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