Family Law & Matrimonial Disputes

Legal actions related to family matters include a wide range of options. If a married couple wishes to end their marriage or separate legally, they can file suits for divorce or judicial separation. Other suits may be brought up for requesting maintenance or alimony payments from a former spouse, or to seek custody of a child. In cases where family members want to divide up property or assets, partition suits can be initiated. In addition, if someone believes that a will was not created correctly or does not reflect the wishes of the deceased, they can challenge the validity of the will. These legal remedies can be helpful in navigating complex family situations and protecting one's rights.

Services offered

Mutual consent Divorce matters.

Matters relating to Judicial Separation.

Matters relating to Restitution of conjugal rights.

Matters relating to Child custody.

Matters relating to Adoption & Maintenance

Matters relating to Minority & Guardianship.

Matters under Hindu Marriage Act.

Matters under Hindu Succession Act.

Matters under Muslim Marriage Act.

Matters under Christian Marriage Act.

Matters relating to Alimony.

Matters relating to maintenance under Section 125 of Cr.P.C.

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