Media & Entertainment Contracts

A Media Agreement refers to any contractual agreement that pertains to the creation, financing, acquisition, licensing, distribution, or broadcasting of programming, audio-visual or audio-only content, or live events. This can include agreements for linear or on-demand viewing, as well as interactive or other types of broadcasting. Media Agreements can also cover the promotion, sponsorship, marketing, or advertising of any programming, audio-visual or audio-only content, or live events. In short, a Media Agreement is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of any business arrangement related to the media industry. An entertainment contract is a crucial agreement between an artist and their manager that establishes the distribution of revenue generated by the artist's work. These contracts are legally binding and serve to protect both parties involved in the deal. By outlining the roles and responsibilities of the artist and manager, an entertainment contract ensures that everyone is aware of their obligations. It is critical to have an entertainment contract in place because it ensures that the artist and manager are on the same page and have clarity regarding the terms of the agreement. By establishing a mutual understanding of expectations, an entertainment contract fosters a healthy working relationship between the artist and manager.
Services offered

Production Agreement.

Film Director Agreement.

Artist Agreement.

Script review and Due Diligence.

Script legal research and vetting.

Location Agreement.

Screenwriter’s Agreement.

Agreements with the Cast & Crew.

Screenplay Agreement.

Content Licensing Agreement.

Sale and Transfer of IP.

Content Distribution Agreement.

Local Channel Network Agreement.

Assignment Agreement.

Postproduction Agreement.

Music Production Agreement.

Synchronization Agreement.

Music Composition Agreement.

Assignment of Rights Agreement.

Royalty acquisition.

Content distribution Agreement.

Exclusivity Agreement.

Legal notices for non-payment.

Music remake Agreement.

Public Performance Agreement.

Talent Management Agreement.

Brand Endorsement Deals.

Work for hire agreement.

Legal notices for non-payment.

Personality rights infringement.

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