Property Development & Compliance

Property development or Real estate development is a comprehensive business process that involves various activities within the property sector. These activities can include the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings, as well as the acquisition of undeveloped land followed by its transformation into developed land or parcels for subsequent sale to potential buyers. The field of real estate development encompasses a wide range of projects, from improving and repurposing existing structures to the creation of entirely new developments. Real estate compliance is a crucial aspect of the industry as it ensures that properties and their components adhere to the sets of regulations in place. With each address comes a unique set of rules and regulations that must be followed. These regulations are defined by the specific region and jurisdiction in which the property is located. Non-compliance can lead to serious consequences, including legal issues and financial penalties. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals involved in the real estate industry to prioritize and prioritize compliance efforts to maintain the integrity of the properties they deal with.
Services offered

Conveyance Deed.

Building Plan Approval.

Development Agreement.

Redevelopment Agreement.

Expression of Interest.

Initiation of Dismissal. (I.O.D)

Feasibility Report.

Letter Of Intent.

Structural Audit Report.

Society Registration Certificate.

All Clearance Certificate.

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